Genuinely Southern Forests


Members of the Southern Forests Food Council are now packing seasonal produce into new Genuinely Souther Forests grab-and-go bags.

In an era of consumer-driven demand for fresh and locally grown produce, it’s more important than ever, to ensure produce from the Southern Forests region is clearly identifiable. The new packaging will assist in the delivery of the Genuinely Southern Forests unified brand, allowing consumers to identify where their produce is coming from. The packaged lines will also alleviate issues of brand misuse and assist in building consumer connections with local producers.

This type of retail ready packaging is still quite unique in Western Australian markets. With its convenient grab-and-go, resealable design combined with the striking black and white branding, it is already making an impact. The bags’ technologies also extend shelf-life of fresh produce including breathable holes and resealable function.

The Food Council encourages producers, wholesalers and retailers to get involved and are actively looking for opportunities to grow Genuinely Southern Forests brand. The more people that use the branded packaging, the more exposure we will see which will ultimately drive demand for locally grown produce. Genuinely Southern Forests produce is backed by in-store, point of sale and a major metro advertising campaign.SFFC.jpg