Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Supplier – Government Locations and Facilities

At Select Fresh, we’re recognized as the leading supplier of premium quality fresh fruit and vegetable produce in Western Australia. We’ve built our reputation by ensuring that we source only the best fresh produce from select growers and through providing a high level of customer service. Here at Select Fresh, we are able to deliver fresh wholesale produce to government locations and facilities throughout Perth and regional WA.

Government Tenders – Perth, Western Australia

As one of WA’s largest suppliers, we have the capacity to meet high volume demands, without sacrificing quality for quantity. From hospitals and nursing homes to prisons and other government facilities, Select Fresh can submit tenders for the provision of fruits and vegetables to a large range of government bodies. To discuss your needs, contact us today.

Facilities Management

At Select Fresh, we only source the best fresh fruits and vegetables in Perth, taking care to ensure that our supplies meet our high standards. We cater to a number of facilities management including mining camps, immigration centres, private hospitals and more.

For more information about our produce or to discuss application for government tenders for the provision of fruit and vegetable in Perth, please contact us on (08) 9455 4652.