Market Report July 25th


Friday July 25th


Winter Hits

Sadly, we need to start with the bad news this week. Rain, storms, mildew and National shortages have conspired to see volumes drop dramatically causing prices to firm on a large percentage of produce.
Even Northern Queensland has been unseasonably cold, causing ripening issues on tropical fruits such as Bananas and Pineapples.
It is expected that these difficult winter issues will last for about another 3 weeks or so.


The new Blueberry season has just begun. The fruit is excellent flavour and size this year and a very good season is anticipated.


Local Strawberry season is in full swing now with excellent tasting fruit available.
Whilst significant volumes are being exported this year, prices are still reasonable for this premium fruit.

Navel Oranges

Local Navel Oranges are the pick of the Market.
Excellent quality fruit across all sizes is available in very strong supply.
Second Grade fruit (marked skin) for juicing is good buying now as transport to Market cost is low on local fruit.


Bosch Pears are excellent this year as are Josephines, Red Pears and Packhams.


All varieties of Tomatoes are still excellent buying as volumes are high and demand remains low.

Nadine Potatoes

New season Nadine Potatoes are now the pick of the Spuds.
Nadines are ideal for boiling, mash, roasting and microwaving but not suitable for frying.


USA Red and White Seedless Grapes are still in full swing. Excellent flavour and appearance, this fruit is selling exceptionally well even at the premium import prices.


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