Market Report June 6th



Friday June 6th



With the early rains, both Local and South West Cauliflowers have flushed.
These large volumes of excellent quality Caulis have driven prices down to excellent value levels.


Carnarvon Basil is now is season. This has eased the shortage of local Basil which has been at critical levels over the last few weeks. Thyme, Lemon Thyme, Tarragon, Marjoram, Oregano and Sage will be tight now until mid-July when Carnarvon crops of these herbs will come online.

Red Capsicum

Carnarvon Red Capsicums are in very strong supply volumes with prices easing. Yellow and Orange Capsicum are excellent quality. Both Red and Green Paprikas also available. Chillies remain in heavy supply with prices low.


Excellent quality Kale is now available in very good supplies. Sales of this “Super Food” are growing at phenominal rates with Kale making the jump from Gourmet line to Staple vegetable.


Navel Oranges are the pick this week with both Local and Eastern States fruit available in heavy volumes. Mandarins booming still with Imperials, Clementines and Afourer varieties all available. Carnarvon Grapefruit exceptional quality. Lemons just starting to ease in price but volumes still tight.

Roma Tomatoes

There is still large volumes of all Tomatoes in the Market from the South West and Carnarvon with Roma Tomatoes the pick. Quality is very good and prices have fallen.

Fennel Bulbs

Victorian Fennel Bulbs are in full supply and are the usual excellent quality we see during the winter months.

The Bad News

  • Local Grape season to finish in next few weeks.
  • Lettuce prices firm as growers plough-in crops due to low price levels.
  • Fuji Apples poor quality this year with pitting a major problem.


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