Peaches – Did you know?

Originating in China where it has been cultivated for thousands of years and regarded as the tree of life, the peach has been produced in Australia since the 19th Century.

Peaches bruise easily so look for smooth, unblemished fruit and handle them with care. Peaches will generally arrive in the market in a firm condition and will have flesh that crunches when eaten. As the fruit ripens it will begin to soften and become more juicy.

Peaches are a fantastic any-time snack and great sliced up in fruit or vegetable salads, pies, flans or on top of cheesecakes and pavlovas.  They are also brilliant for jams and chutneys and make an excellent accompaniment to chicken, pork and fish.

Australian peaches are available between October and April.

At present, all Peaches are coming in FRESH from our grower in the Perth Hills.