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The Select Fresh Retail Support Team are committed, customer focused and passionate about fresh produce supply in Perth & WA. Our experienced support team form the critical communication hub between the buying team and the Retailer. Our wholesale buying team have many years of experience sourcing the highest quality fruit and vegetables in Perth, establishing relationships with some of the state’s largest growers and farms. Regular in-store visits and client phone communications along with walking the fruit and vegetable markets twice a week enable our Team to fully understand both the client needs and the Market conditions then to facilitate communication both ways.

Select Fresh believe growing a successful fresh produce retail business is about driving sales of produce that is in peak season. If it is in peak season, price will be low and quality will be excellent. Select Fresh also believe that the retailer should carry the full range of available, premium quality fresh produce at all times. To this end, we sell small, broken carton quantities of all lines. The Goal of our Retail Support Team is to maximize Sales and Profits for the Store owner. It is a partnership arrangement; as your business grows, our business grows. We work together with our clients toward these joint goals.

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Providing regular information on market conditions and industry trends

Designing and implementing seasonal layouts

Implementing produce department best practise systems

Providing staff training

Arranging or liaising on transport options

Information on fixtures, fitting and packaging

Providing weekly promotions including “Late Week Specials”

Communicating regular special buys

Competition analysis