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Market Report March 7th

Friday March 7th

Midnight Beauty Grapes   The Pick of the Market

Midnight Beauty seedless black grapes boast extremely large berries, a crisp texture and tend to be redder in colour than conventional black grapes. 


Midnight Beauty seedless grapes have supersized, elongated black berries which are full bodied, crunchy and refreshingly sweet.

Gin Gin Mangoes

Kensington Pride Mangoes from the Gin Gin region have started. These are the last Mangoes for the season so grab them now. Volumes are strong so prices are very reasonable.

Hi Early Apples

New Season Hi Early Delicious Red Delicious Apples will hit the Market next week. Crops look excellent on the trees so a very good season is expected.

New Season Golden Delicious Apples are already available and selling extremely well as the fruit is excellent quality.

Buerre Bosch Pears

New Season Buerre Bosch Pears are the pick of the Pears this week. Colour and taste of the New season fruit is outstanding. As well as eating fresh, the Bosch is the classic dessert pear. 

Tip of the week: Try poaching a Bosch Pear (ripe), then mashing it with a cauliflower and use as a substitute foe mashed Potato. It is unbelievable!

Last Apricots

The last shipment of New Zealand Apricots for the season is arriving next week so grab them while you can. 

Nectarines and Peaches are expected to be available until at least the end of March and Plums until at least Easter.

Kipfler Potatoes

Spud of the week this week is Kipflers. They are sensational quality and are suitable for boiling, steaming or frying.

Selecting even sized Kipflers is very important for uniform cooking and best results.

The Bad News

Leaf lines are in short supply from hot weather. Broccoli, Cabbage, Celery and Fancy Lettuces will all be brought in from the Eastern States to supplement supply.